AnimationsMedia kick started it's service from God's own Country, Kerala in India during the year 2012 as a provider of explainer videos catering clients from the Americas alone but later stretched out to almost all parts of the globe after being acquired by QBIQ STUDIOS LLP in the year 2013. AnimationsMedia, still retaining it's brand name was the very first of QBIQ's assorted initiatives that targets the crescive entertainment sphere. At AnimationsMedia, our skilled team ensure that everything is kindled from concept to development and to eventual delivery of video. AnimationsMedia specializes in developing Explainer videos or what some call as "video sales letter" or "marketing videos" for individuals and businesses probing all levels of eye-catching video development in Whiteboard Scribing, 2D Animated, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography and various hybrid combination of styles.
At AnimationsMedia, we make the most use of all technological advancements along with the gifted creative talents in our state-of-the art studio to develop premium animated content for not just Explainer videos but also in Illustrations, E-Learning Lecture Videos and many more on requirements ask.

➔ Why are videos preferred over text?

Some people likes reading but sometimes this so called "like" is just not enough to hold them on to some very long theoretical briefing or explanation. It can appear boring due to Text Text Text everywhere!! We need something dynamic, appealing or which treats our eyes and that is what a video does. Videos can make even a boring text information or the one in a powerpoint (no offense Microsoft, it’s still an awesome software as before) delightful. Not only that, videos explain fast and makes the listeners understand clearly, say, it can depict even a long paragraph of text within a few seconds thus saving TIME. What’s more, the human brain processes visuals way faster than text which again saves TIME. As said by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin ­ “TIME IS MONEY”.


1 minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words. - Source: Forrester Research

Animations Media caters services of all kinds in the crescive entertainment sphere ranging from simple illustrations to complex animations and videos that doesn’t have a genre.
There are so many kinds of video style to explain your idea. Have a glance at the style options we have in store for your bright idea.

  • We have created energetic and inspiring videos for many of our esteemed clients who could chase their dreams with ease.
    Watch the story of Tommy and see how we made his dreams a reality...

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Stimulating both the auditory and visual senses will result in 75% increased understanding of the content presented. Exactly 78% of the information reach our brain through eyes.


➔ Why videos seem engaging and what are your success ingredients?

A simple logic would be to think of what makes you go to theaters to watch movie. Simple, you want to watch something that has a pulse, something which entertains you and touches your emotions, above all for enjoying your leisure time. But what if the theater showed the written script page by page or slideshow of photos in contrast to the complete movie, now will that be enjoyment? Of course not! Still to make a video engaging to the viewers like a good movie, we always try to keep the story as simple as possible and add a pinch of humour to it wherever possible. Oh, we just told you our success ingredients


A survey in 2013 led to the conclusion that 86% of the people who browse the web prefers watching video than reading text. Most website visitors would rather spend 5 minutes watching video than spend 20 minutes reading text.


Over 700 Youtube videos are shared on Twitter every single minute. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 100 million users are taking a social action on Youtube videos very week. - Sources: MBooth & Simply

Making your idea brighter like we said, can be achieved by not just following a set of procedures laid in our production house but also by living up to other entities such as coordination and regular communication with clients. Well, above all keeping the promise is what we consider as the backbone of powering your idea and retaining fruitful relations.
Whatever be your concept(idea), be it a product, a service or anything in this beautiful world, we somehow make it real easy for the audience to grasp your concept and form a treat for their eyes using our well formulated 10 step process of explainer video making…. uuuff did we say 10? it’s not that big a number for us though

1. Commitment
Well, this is where our triumphant business relation kicks off After our initial discussions with you regarding that wonderful concept you have, the desired animation style you seek, timing, pricing …. yada yada yada!!! we enter into a mutually agreed deal that will set the foundation to sprout that innovative business of yours..

2. Research
Here we may need a little input from you (not always) to get started. If you have some brief documentation and stuff even on tiny bits of paper about your great concept, we would love to go through it and learn the idea. And if you don’t have even some scribbles to show us? never mind, leave it to us...we will do a careful brainstorm followed by an intense research to build a detailed report of our findings about your great concept. Don’t worry, we will later share it with you to make sure we are on the same page.

3. Script
Everyone loves amazing videos, so to make them we need amazing stories and that ‘s exactly what we do. Pick your desired video style and our well versed scriptwriters will make certain that the story they write adds great value to the message you wish to convey. Sometimes you may already own a "genius" script, well in those cases don’t hesitate to share it with us, who knows we may still be able to make it a “genius+” script

4. Storyboard
Now that we have the final script set, it’s time to visualise through some rough sketches. By rough sketches, we don’t mean it’s jaggy or unappealing stuff but we deliberately give little detail to the drawings while we explain the same in more detail through words. It’s because we don’t want to waste time unnecessarily before seeing your thumbs up...the only intention being to let you see how the story advances and thereby gain your approval. Wait for the ultimate sketches we have kept in store for later
after you approve this storyboard.

5. Voice-over
Step into the recording studio coz it’s time you pick a voice for your video. A person of sublime voice is vital for pumping energy into the animation. You would know much better than us who will be the best in delivering your message and so we help you select from our large pool of professional voice-overs. Voice is recorded usually while the storyboard design is in progress just to save both our precious time. Sometimes you may not want a voice-over but want us to make up for it with our talent in making literal images, and if you are looking for that type? then you ain’t the first one here

6. Music & SFX
A musical vibe in the background for your video can really lit up the enthusiasm among viewers just as they do in movies. Speaking of SFX , A ding dong! A blip! be it anything, sound effects spur into the music when they are tucked in at certain places. We pick them up and into the cache soon after the voice is ready but at times we just leave it to the end, it all depends.

7. Art Work
Welcome to our room of awesomeness where our artists create some astonishing sketches. We don’t have a Pablo Picasso or a Michelangelo in our studio but we really have a handful of renowned epic artists who can produce some charms. So these guys will now start illustrating characters, backgrounds and other properties based on the approved storyboard…well we don’t hide it after it’s finished and will definitely share them if we feel your feedback is necessary.

8. Animation
Pictures are beautiful to see especially when sketched by some gifted artists like we have at our studio. So what happens if we give a life to these beautiful pictures? The result would be an amazing spectacle of those beautiful pictures in motion produced by our skilled animators. All the visual elements after art work along with the typography will be treated with the animation tools taking a step closer to something amazing.

9. Editing
We are almost there..just next to the finishing point of our great sequel. We gather all that we made previously like the animation, voice and music and blend them together using some powerful editing tools to render that final awesome video which you are eagerly waiting for.

10. Launch
The journey finally comes to a happy end. Your great concept which was known to just you or a few is now transformed into a visual masterpiece which now has the potential in expressing itself to millions of people all over the world. And we will not just deliver the video but will also guide you on how to make full use of this visual extravaganza.

It must have been a pretty long journey for you reading our process, then guess how hard will we have to work in the backstage to produce an energetic and inspiring video for you. We will be as happy as you are or perhaps much more happier to see the ultimate video. It’s just like parenting a child from it’s birth and later leaving it to conquer the parent’s dream. The credit just not belongs only to us but to you as well because without your wonderful concept and your belief in us, nothing would have been possible.
Let's make that bright IDEA of yours brighter !

➔ Why are 3D explainers scanty?

Great designs and animations in 3D are appreciated by us but such intense animations in explainer videos is surely not helping. Why? Because incorporating complex drawings and animations can only give the audience’s brains a swirl by confusing the audience or even diverting their attention from the core message. Keeping the illustrations and motions simple as possible is the key and that’s why we always opt for 2D over 3D in explainer videos.

On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined. Blog posts with video evoke 3X more inbound links than text-only posts.


➔ What is people’s perception for informative videos?

Many extensive research and studies sealed the fact that videos are more advantageous than any other medium to explain your product or service especially due to it’s influence on humans. As you read from our stats, people retain 80% of the information from a video for 30 days to the text counterpart which is only 10%. This 10% is because listening to or reading something stimulates just the auditory sense. The visual senses should also be evoked along with the auditory sense which accounts for the 80% information retention rate. The only thing we need to be careful of is not to make the audio-visuals complex by feeding too much of information into the viewer’s brains.


People watching a video retain 80% more information than reading text or listening to audio alone. Remember the old saying, “Take a picture, it lasts longer”. - Source: Online Publishers Association.


Studies show that video search results have 41% higher click-through rate than text-alone page search results. Web pages with video embedded on them are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results in comparison with text-alone pages.

Concepts can be sometimes simple, sometimes hard, to understand. Be it hard or simple, the way we present them is the trump card in attracting audience. Complex drawings and in-depth technical explanations with motion may blow out the purpose of your video. The more we make things visually simple, the more people gets glued to the screen. At Animations Media, this is what we do. Even if your concept is tough to clutch, we make it an easy grasper through our short engaging script blend with a pinch of humour which helps kindle simple and lovely visuals that induces enthusiasm among viewers to learn about your great concept..

➔ How does explainer videos help in marketing my product?

Basically, producing a explainer/marketing video makes people realize the importance you give to your product or service and that you are definitely serious about your business. As we live in the digital age, consumers no longer like pressing pamphlets or catalogues into their hands. Some even hate contacting them through emails, can’t blame them it’s a busy fast moving world. The beauty of Marketing videos or Explainer videos is the condensed information presented smartly by smart people like us to the smart world. These videos can easily go viral over the internet with the help of social media clasping billions of users around the globe where these are shared easily and frequently. To add more, video search results appear in almost 70% of the top 100 listings in the Google search results, impressive right

Having a video on your website has some great benefits apart from attracting 2X more traffic. Videos increase your website’s Google search engine ranking by 53 times and also increases organic search traffic by 150%. Animated Explainer videos pump up conversion rates by 20%. - Source: Unbounce


➔ How does explainer videos help in marketing my product?

It’s a challenging world and you will need to put valiant efforts to pull off your business. One challenge we have seen is, You have a spectacular idea or an innovative business in existence but finding too difficult to explain it to the audience. Another big challenge is pointing out the differentiation factor when your business has close resemblance to another business. So explaining what makes you unique from the other is vital. The last but not the least, Your desire to popularize the business and multiply profit margin in comparison to what it is now. Explainer videos done by creatives help you overcome these challenges easily. Here, we keep the story simple, witty and short but informative, establishing an emotional connection with your target audience. We don’t copy cliparts or write boring scripts for the video we make, like some other video making companies do. We have a strong creative team of artists and writers that can pull of some awesomeness and help differentiate your business from your competitors.The videos we make here at Animations Media is blessed with quality and you won’t regret at all for the time and money you spent on us in making the video because the end product would be something which can definitely improve conversion rates and raise your profit margin.


100 million internet users watch an online video each day. An average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads every month. - Source: ComScore


➔ Are you not into any other type of production other than video explainers?

A common question! It’s not that we do not like doing 2D or 3D featured videos, we do have a killer team at Animations Media and have done a few. The thing is we love doing Explainer Videos Explainer videos are exciting to make, as it is after it's making. Each project is different in a way as there is a unique concept for each of them. Exploring and sailing with them keeps us also updated of many exceptional ideas that are born every day.


90% of online shoppers say that videos influence their shopping and buying decisions. Retailers report that products with video sell a lot more than products without video. Website visitors are 64% more likely to make a purchase on an online retail website after watching the video. Also, visitors who watch a video on the website tend to stay 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. - Source: ComScore An Australian Real Estate group reports that listings with videos received 403% more inquiries than those without video.


➔ How do you maintain a good communication level with me about my project?

We consider every client of ours as special and so we always maintain an effective communication with you about the project.As a client, you will never feel lost in our world. You will be in constant touch with us through email, IM’s, phones or whatever stuff is out there that you like. Previews and feedbacks are no difference either as we have wired some popular online web tools such as Google Drive (Real-time editing and sharing tool), Basecamp (Project Management Tool), ProofHQ (Animation Feedback Tool) and many more depending on the project requirements to keep you on the go. Our support team also sends alerts to you regarding the project whenever there is a status update.

50% executives watch business related videos on Youtube and consequently 65% of these visit the marketer’s website after watching. Around 80% of executives are watching more online videos now than they used to a year ago. 59% of senior executives prefer watching video over text of which 50% went on to complete an order. - Source: Forbes An information intensive video happened to be watched two or more times by 66% of the customers. - Source: Internet Retailer

Speaking of Clients, we really had to work hard to get our first contract since we had not even a single video to showcase our experience in building explainers. So, how we got into the first gear was by offering a project free of cost to “that” client, who will always be considered godly as far as AnimationsMedia is concerned. We upped the gears soon after gaining that first satisfied client to build into more than 50 clients within the first two years in this industry. Well, here are a few of our satisfied clients you may know…

Come on!! don’t just scroll away, let’s discuss and cast your good name also up there...!

➔ How much does it cost me for a video from Animations Media?

Well, we don’t give any blind figures because we think it’s not fair to quote on a project without any prior discussion with you. If we do so, it may end up being a loss to either of us. Before we place a price tag there are many things to be considered such as the services you need from us, the style of video, duration of video, deadline etc. So you definitely need to talk with us first!


On an average, a visitor walks away from your website under 50 seconds but if your site hosts a video, you can hold them on for more than 5 minutes! Desktop viewers tend to stick with videos for 2 minutes or less while with smartphones and tablets, the users watch for about 2.4 minutes on iPhone, 3 minutes on Android and over 5 minutes on iPad. - Source: Visible Measures

➔ When and how was Animations Media born?

It all started in Trivandrum City of Kerala State (‘God’s Own Country’ is what people call) in India, during the mid-2012 with just two guys catering animated content done in 2D and 3D for customers who contacted for freelance assignments. There was no specific focus on what type of videos we did. Then was the time, we received our first job of explainer video from U.S. which was the stepping stone into a new era of video making. The assignment was to make a whiteboard video and we barely had an idea how to do as it was just evolving in the world and moreover, very much at an infancy stage in India. But after many trial and errors we finally kept our promise and the client was more than happy for what we did. This made us realise the art of making explainer videos, the thoughts, ideas and fun involved in its making unlike the other video types we have done before. This eventually lrd to the formation of ‘AnimationsMedia’ which is registered under QBIQ STUDIOS LLP in late 2013. Now AnimationsMedia have made dozens and dozens of explainer videos for many clients around the world.


36% of online customers trust video Ads 26% of Internet users look for more information after viewing a video Ad. Not only that, 22% of Internet users visit the website mentioned in the video Ad they viewed. - Source: Nielsen Wire Video Ads account for 35% of total online Ad spends. The forecast for video Ad spend is about $5.4 billion by 2016. - Source: Break Media

➔ What if I need support during our deal or after we close our deal?

We are glad to help you out regardless of whether the deal is on or off. If at all you face any problems during or after the project, you can always drop in a mail to our customer grievances division: [email protected] and we will assist you immediately.

Including a video in an introductory email increased click-through rate by 96%. Adding the word “video” in the subject line led to an increased 12% click-through rate. - Source: Implix Email Marketing Survey Including an explainer video in an email grew click-through rate by 200% to 300% Online Marketers report a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when video was included in an email marketing campaign. - Source: Forrester Marketing Group


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Video content uploaded over the internet in 30 days is much higher than what all three major TV networks of US together have aired in 30 years.

Videos integrate well with social media platform which by far is the best way to reach out to your audience. Research proved that web users spend 27% of their browsing time on Social Media. Have a peep into the number of active users as of now on some popular websites.. Facebook - 1.28 billion Google+ - 540 million Twitter - 250 million Instagram - 200 million LinkedIn - 187 million Youtube - 1 billion+

➔ What should I provide to get you started?

This is a bit tricky to answer. Some of our clients come to us with just their idea and we do everything from pre-production to post-production. On the other hand some may have the pre-production part ready in hand and will require production and post-production to be done by us. However, all forms of customisation is available for getting your video done, just list in your requirements through the quick requirement analysis form you will be filling for us prior to our deal.

By 2018, over two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. - Source: Cisco